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ATUM Restaurant offers a minimalist Scandinavian concept restaurant. In addition to providing the finest desserts that are most popular among guests, the restaurant.

The brand new artistic seafood platter is suitable for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and overseas visitors to enjoy a new dining experience. Parking in the car park for lunch, dinner, drinks/beverages and coffee. Attend services, suitable for group gatherings, suitable for children, accept reservations.

ATUM Restaurant提供簡約北歐風格的概念餐廳。餐廳除了提供最受客人歡迎的精緻甜品外,更有煥然一新的藝術海鮮拼盤,適合慶祝生日、紀念日及海外遊客前來享受全新的餐飲體驗。停車場停車提供午餐、晚餐、飲品/飲料和咖啡到會服務適合團體聚會適合兒童, 接受訂位

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